Studio / Art Photography

In the studio I primarily specialize in photographing art: pictures of paintings, watercolors, prints and drawings, as well as three-dimensional objects like sculptures, ceramics, jewelry and antiques. Accuracy is of the utmost importance. These subject matters need an accurate rendition of color, form and texture. Besides Art I also do Product photography.

Digital Studio

I produce these pictures in my digital studio, with the latest of digital technology; including professional sets of flashlights with soft boxes, strip lights etc. The digital cameras are controlled from my PC.  Each picture taken will immediately be judged on the PC screen allowing me to make the necessary adjustments.
For convenience, I have a mobile studio so if needed photo's can also be created on site.

Perfect Reproduction

These flawless images created with my equipment can assure expert photography for books, pamphlets and other printed matters, in diverse audiovisual promotional materials, and for web sites. These pictures are also suitable as evidence in e.g. insurance matters, for instance the photography of antiques.


It is possible to process and store existing photos of artwork materials. In which case, it will first be digitalized. I can process negatives and slides up to 8 x 10 inch - and printed matters, including pictures, up to 12 x 17 inch.

Once digitalized, the material can be optimized for image processing equipment.
All materials can be burned on CD or DVD. Additional copies can be stored on my company’s storage system, assuring your documentation will not be lost in case of a fire or other incident.


in "Galleries" you can find a number of examples of my studio work.