Landscape- and Photojournalism

In addition to being a studio photographer, I am a landscape photographer and a photo journalist primarily in the tourist branch.
My photo journalism is mainly focused on river cruises, with Vantage and Grand Circle Cruises of Boston, MA. and others.
I am a passionate photographer of landscapes and landscape architecture, including bridges, city panoramas and industrial architecture.

Examples of my landscape photography and photo journalism can be found in the "Galleries".

For inquiries about Photo Journalism or Nautical & Landscape photography, please contact me.

Nautical Photography

The majority of my commissioned work is created  through direct contact with inland shipping companies, shipping agents and barge owners. 
Examples of this nautical work can also be found in "Galleries”.

I have published two books about  Nautical Photography, "Binnenvaart in Beeld" & "Binnenvaart Wat Vaart Waar". For more information look under the menu item “Books”.