Binnenvaart Wat Vaart Waar

Binnenvaart Wat Vaart Waar © Rob de Koter

After “Binnenvaart in Beeld” is “Binnenvaart, Wat Vaart Waar” the second book.

This book has over 170 photographs which portray the developments in shipbuilding over the last century. This craft has progressed steadily from small nostalgic vessels to contemporary container giants, almost half as broad as the old vessels are long.

“Binnenvaart, wat vaart waar” explains, where, how and why these various types of ships were built. It shows their development into ecologically sound transporters of today's varied cargos to a vastly increasing market.

Binnenvaart in Beeld

Binnenvaart in Beeld @ Rob de Koter

has over 300 photographs. It takes you along the daily life of the relatively small population of people working in the barging industry, the Dutch skipper and his family. This book appeals to the imagination of many.

Day and night over 10 thousand tons of goods pass by: from beets to cars, from sand to wine. Unknown in their economic power, the beauty of these ships define the images of the rivers.

The barges on their way to the horizon evoke a nostalgic image, yet this fleet is one of the most modern in the world. This double image, the romance and the tough economy, is portrayed in this book “Binnenvaart in Beeld”.